Release Note Spring 2024

Release date: Monday June 17, 2024

Dear users,

We are pleased to present our latest Spring 2024 release, which is available to all our customers as of today, Monday, June 17, 2024. This version of the Praxedo application introduces new features and enhancements across our START, CLASSIC and PREMIUM offers. To find out which product range you are using, log into your account and look for the icon at the top right of your Praxedo screen.

Since its launch, Praxedo has been committed to providing you with the most effective solution to optimize your field resources' routes. In this version, we have focused on improving our scheduling support functions. In addition, you will find a number of new features designed to offer greater autonomy to your customers and field resources, thereby streamlining your collaboration with them to increase your efficiency. 

Would you like to attend a demonstration of these new features? Register to one of our presentation webinars or follow the link indicated to consult our online documentation.

And if you have any questions, please rest assured that our Customer Care team is available to assist you (

Key Improvements

Improve the reliability and control of the activities declared by your field resources:

  • Verify the accuracy of the declared activities and monitor your field resources’ working time.
  • Use exports to enrich your HR software’s data.

Increase your efficiency to optimize your field resources’ schedule:

  • Smart Scheduler: take advantage of new optimization criteria such as execution speed, priority work order types, work orders’ locking.
  • And additional improvements directly accessible on the schedule.

Give your field resources greater autonomy:

  • Let your field resources self-schedule work orders to themselves, directly within the mobile app, based on their location.
  • Your field resources now have access to the history of work orders previously completed, right from the work order’s details page.
  • Reset all your field resources’ passwords in one single click.

Offer greater transparency to your customers:

  • From the customer user portal, your customers will be able to:
    • View service orders, 
    • View and edit the work orders linked to these service orders,
    • Access video calls from work orders’ details page.

Other features and improvements: 

Updates on our connectors:

  • New connector: connect Praxedo to MSBC
  • Connector upgrade : Improved functionalities of our Salesforce connector

Enhanced security

  • Strengthen your passwords

Key improvements

Improve the reliability and control of the activities declared by your field resources 

Available in CLASSIC and PREMIUM

When they are used effectively, activities are a real asset to track field resources’ working time. For this reason, we have developed a new module to better track them. From this module, you can track all declared activities. You can validate activities, or even modify them if needed. And please note that with the new Praxedo 2024 application, the field resource can also, on their end, modify their activities to correct any error or omission.

You can then process the results in your HR software or export them in Excel format using filters for different criteria, such as date or field resource’s name, to prepare your field resources' timesheets. This module is set to replace the current Activity Report, giving you a better overview of activities and more control over them.

3 ListActivitiesPage.png

The activities you will validate from this new module will allow you to verify the accuracy of the activities declared on site by your field resources. Please note that this action can be fully automated based on the activity’s settings.

In addition to the validation of declared activities, the new setting option Billable is available and allows you to easily manage the invoicing of time spent on a work order.. 

To find out more about the activities’ validation, go to the dedicated guide.

To access the new activity report module, please first activate the associated right. Click the “Settings” module in your Admin profile to get to the left hand side Configuration panel. Under Rights, go to Schedule > Access to the module Activity report and validation

Increase your efficiency to optimize your field resources’ schedule

From Praxedo's web interface, you can now access new parameters to fine-tune the precision of your work orders’ scheduling. 

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your scheduling with SmartScheduler

Available in PREMIUM

If you want to take your work orders’ management even further, below are a few features, available on simple request to support. Let's start by improving the qualification of your field resources’ skills.

As your field resources gain more years of experience, they become more efficient. 

This means that the time spent on a work order can vary between a junior employee and a more experienced one. To take this parameter into account, we have implemented the execution speed factor. This indicator, defined in each field resource’s profile, makes it possible to adjust the work order’s scheduled duration, based on the field resource’s efficiency, regardless of the scheduling method used. This parameter has also been added as a constraint in the SmartScheduler strategies.


In addition, to better account for your field resources' expertise, you will be able to define priority work order types for your field resources. You can then refine their priority level with a four-star rating, which will be incorporated during scheduling with SmartScheduler. 


Now that you have been able to refine the qualification of your work orders, let's move on to improving their management.

For example, you can maintain control over the schedule by locking work orders once they have been scheduled. This will also prevent the SmartScheduler from re-scheduling them if you run an optimization over a time period that includes these work orders. In the Schedule, locked work orders can be recognized by their icon and you can also use this parameter to perform a search in Advanced Search.

To use these three new SmartScheduler optimization parameters, please contact support (

More flexibility for work orders, more detailed information for scheduling

Available in START, CLASSIC and PREMIUM.

On the work orders side, you will find a few improvements that will make your user experience easier:

  • Linking an item to a report’s section has been simplified. It can now be done directly during qualification ;
  • Starting in July, you will be able to add or edit a picture in the report, even when the work order is completed;
  • You can add notes to a picture taken during a video call, even after it has ended;
  • and the signature in the report is now easier to read.

As to scheduling, the key starting point to manage your field resources’ routes, we are constantly making improvements and here are the latest.

We have refined the travel indications on the Schedule. First, the field resources’ workload indicator now properly accounts for unavailability time slots programmed in their schedule. Additionally, by hovering your cursor over the route, you can now see its estimated duration and distance.


If you wish to use duration display, please make your quest to support ( Please note that the distance display is only available in kilometers at this time.

In the last Release Note, we introduced the display of available time periods between two work orders in the Schedule’s Columns view. You can now enable or disable this display from the Schedule settings.


For more information on the Schedule features and functionalities, please refer to the dedicated guide Using the schedule.      

To activate distance display on work orders’ travel time, please contact support ( There is no right to activate to use the additional functionalities.

Give your field resources greater autonomy


The functionalities that you have been waiting for are now available in the new Praxedo 2024 mobile application:

The Nearby work orders module empowers your field resources to organize their day on their own, by assigning to themselves work orders from a list of nearby work orders. With this module, field resources will be able to organize their day or complete them with those work orders that are closest to their current position. 


The field resource will also be able to access work orders’ history from the details page of each work order. He will then be able to execute the work order more efficiently, knowing the history of prior work orders completed for a customer, a site or a given asset.


In our previous Release Note, we also mentioned the possibility of making video calls from the mobile application. We have updated the call interface to make it more intuitive for you to use.

If you haven’t switched to Praxedo 2024 yet, it’s simple! First, make sure that the field resource’s email address is correctly entered. Note that this information is now mandatory in the field resource’s profile, whether they use the old or new mobile application!

Next, you also now control the change of the technical version in your field resources’ profile. You can then bulk reset all your field resources’ passwords. They will receive an email to set the password to log into the mobile application, along with a reminder of their user ID. All they have to do next is to download the Praxedo 2024 application and log in. For more details on how to switch to Praxedo 2024, please consult our documentation.

And for more information about Praxedo 2024 functionalities, please visit the dedicated guides in our online help.

To access the features described above, you must first activate the following rights in your field resources’ mobile profile:

  • Work order > History
  • Work order > Self-scheduling
  • Work order > ViiBE call

More transparency for your customers

Available in PREMIUM

The customer user portal enables your customer portal users to create and work orders and track their progress. Your customers will appreciate the autonomy they gain from the customer user portal from which they can easily track work orders they have created or those that are associated with them. 


This portal will now allow them to track route service orders, as well as the work orders associated with them. In addition, as part of the rollout of the ViiBE remote visual support module, it is now possible to make a video call, directly from the customer user portal. The call can be made either to contact the end customer, or the field resource carrying out the work order.


For more information about these features of the Customer user portal, refer to the guide "Using the customer portal."

✅ To take advantage of the features described above, the following rights must be activated in the customer’s profile:

  • To access service orders:
    • Work order - Route service order > Consultation of route service orders
    • Work order - Project service order > Consultation of project service orders
    • Work order - Service order (shared rights) > View service order attachments and View service order note
  • To make video calls:
    • Work order - Actions > Video call

Other features and improvements

New Microsoft Business Central connector

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improving your Praxedo user experience, we are developing connectors to better meet your needs. and this year, we are pleased to introduce our new connector with Microsoft Business Central, Microsoft's dedicated management tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

Connector MSBC.png

This connector ensures seamless, efficient data exchange between Microsoft Business Central and Praxedo. Synchronize your referential data - customers, sites, equipment, assets and items - from Business Central to Praxedo in just a few clicks. Take advantage of advanced integration with Business Central's sales and services modules to simplify the creation of your work orders and service orders in Praxedo.  Once the work order or the service order has been processed in Praxedo, access the information updated in real time in Business Central, including the report, the items consumed and the work order status. And soon, automatically synchronize your stock levels from Business Central to Praxedo, ensuring the seamless, efficient management of your resources.

For more information about our connector with Microsoft Business Central, please consult the dedicated section of our online help.

✅ This new connector is compatible with Microsoft Business Central Cloud from version 22.2. If you are interested in this connector and would like to implement it, please contact support (

New version of the EBP connector

A brand new version of the connector between EBP and Praxedo is available since release

As a reminder, this connector facilitates the synchronization of your customers’, sites’, assets’ and equipment’s referential data, as well as the management of your work orders between EBP and Praxedo.

Connector EBP.png

This release features the following three updates:

  • the address name in EBP is retrieved from the Praxedo site Name field, and the address description in EBP is retrieved from the Praxedo site Info field;
  • the event description in EBP is retrieved from the Praxedo work order;
  • the item price in EBP is retrieved for each item in Praxedo (without VAT rates).

To upgrade you connector to version, please contact support (

Salesforce connector update

The connector between Salesforce and Praxedo makes it possible to create work orders in Salesforce but to manage scheduling in Praxedo, and to synchronize your items database. The form’s data entered by the field resource is then uploaded to Salesforce.

Connector SALESFORCE.png

To start, integration between Praxedo and SFDC has been made much easier with this new connector. For one, the rules for mapping custom fields have been simplified, eliminating the need to enter any suffix in the name of custom fields, whether on the Salesforce or Praxedo side.

What's more, custom fields can now be in numeric format, in addition to text and drop-down list formats.

Secondly, Praxedo now sends to Salesforce information concerning the work order’s duration and synchronization date.

Finally, as soon as the connector is set up, you can now choose whether the work order’s number is defined by Praxedo or whether it should be a concatenation of Salesforce and Praxedo id numbers, as is currently the case.

To update your Salesforce x Praxedo connector, please contact support (

Reinforced security


In order to further enhance the security of access to Praxedo applications, we have tightened the password creation requirement from 8 to 12 characters. In the coming weeks, you may have to update your password accordingly.


We hope these new features will meet your expectations. Please do not hesitate to create your account to consult our online documentation. If you have any request for further explanations, feature activation or assistance, or if you would like to obtain the latest version of Praxedo Web Services, our Customer Care team is at your service by phone at +33 (0)1 40 33 79 79 or by email at

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