Praxedo Start

This page describes features accessed with your Start account. Links to more detailed feature pages are included below.

Praxedo web application

These features are available from the web interface.

Web-based planning with real-time activity monitoring

Use the Schedule interface to see upcoming work orders assigned by field resources.  Work order status, whether pending, in progress or validated, is updated in real time, so you can monitor progress at a glance. Read more

Map planning module

The Map module allows for mass scheduling of work orders, to see field resources routes and to search for work orders, all from a map view. Read more

Team management and scheduling

Create teams of field resources and automatically schedule work for them in just one click. Read more

Customer / site / equipment data management

A customizable tree structure allows you to readily search for customer, site and equipment information. Read more

Manage recurring work orders

Manage preventive maintenance by automatically scheduling work orders in advance. Use the configuration options to define each maintenance program. Read more

Follow-up on field resources activities

Track employee activity by type. This allows managers to know the work order life cycle and, more broadly, employee workload. Easily create activity types associated with your field resources' activities using simple forms. Read more

Customizable forms

Create your own forms in Praxedo without the need for computer skills. You can use these forms to guide field resources through the work order process. Read more

Digital reports

Use the standard PDF export template to retrieve work order reports entered by your field resources. These PDF reports can be sent to customers as attachments. Read more

Generate Excel exports

Use the Excel export module to export your repositories, reports or work order lists. Simply select the data you wish to extract and determine its structure in spreadsheet columns. Read more

Rights management

Within the rights management module, you can grant user profiles access privileges to the particular functionalities available in Praxedo. Read more

Praxedo Mobile Application

These features are available from the mobile application interface.

Application available in "offline" mode

Praxedo's mobile application is available and usable even when your employees do not have access to an internet connection. Information is synchronized automatically as soon as the mobile device regains access to the network.

GPS geolocation of the mobile device

Geolocate field resources in real time and keep a history of their field route with the continuous geolocation feature. Use the Map and Geolocation modules to view a field resources' continuous geolocation information. To use this feature, field resources must authorize the Praxedo application to use their mobile device's GPS coordinates Read more

Map routes using cell phone

Field resources can see their routes and access the details of each work order directly from the map. They can also assign themselves work orders that are located nearby. Read more

Track items used

Track items used during work orders. Your field resources can associate one or more items with a work order and monitor the stock level of consumable items in real time. Read more


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