Praxedo Classic

This page describes features accessed with your Classic account. Links to more detailed feature pages are included below.

Praxedo web application

The following features are available from the web interface.

User profile management

Distinguish between different types of users, and give your team members the level of authorization suited to the tasks they perform. For each type of user, you can define a profile and assign different rights. Read more

Skills management

Determine the list of skills and areas in terms of postal code types required for each type of work order. Assign the appropriate skill and/or areas to your field resources then allocate incoming work orders according to the skills required. Read more


Organization of data by offices

Reproduce the tree structure of your organization by creating offices. To do this, attach your customer / site / equipment data, as well as the work orders to be carried out, to the associated office. Read more

Follow-up on work orders by service order

To help manage ongoing activities, Praxedo allows work orders to be grouped within an object called a "service order". There are two types of service orders, which allow you to manage work orders in a specific way. Note: to use service orders, you must have the user profile rights. Read more

Forecast planning: organize your business using reserved time slots

Using reserved time slots, you can block time slots during the day for your field resources to schedule work orders for a given customer or specific work orders.

Stock management

Create stores of items in Praxedo, and maintain inventory levels of items using Web Services. Read more

Real-time customer communication by email and SMS

Automatically notify your end customers using the e-mail or SMS notification module. In particular, you can use scenarios to notify customers about a scheduled work order or work order status based on the technician’s inputs. Read more

Cockpit: real-time indicators

A truly real-time dashboard, Cockpit provides a snapshot of the situation in the field at any given moment. The Cockpit displays work order status indicators that allow you to monitor and respond to problematic situations. The Cockpit allows you to anticipate incidents in the field and take immediate action when necessary. Read more

Standard connectors

Praxedo connects to your information system using connectors for ERP/CRM software including Sage, Salesforce, QuickBooks and many others. This gives you a streamlined administrative process, which saves time and eliminates input errors. Contact our support team to find out more about the available connectors.

Data exchange using FTPS

Import/export data using an FTPS server. Depending on the situation, you determine the frequency and type of data to exchange between Praxedo and your internal IT tools. Read more

Data exchange via Web Services

To enable the interface between your information system and Praxedo, our Web Services allows you to create, update or plan a work order as well as manage stock items. In addition to the documentation and examples provided, a Praxedo CSM (Customer Success Manager) is available as a coach, to share best practices, and to guide you through the documentation. Read more

Praxedo mobile

The following features are available from the mobile application interface.

Scheduling work orders from the mobile terminal

Field resources can create their own work orders directly from the mobile application. This can be done in two ways: by creating a new work order from a blank form, or by duplicating an existing work order.

Connect to SumUp® payment terminals

SumUp records items used and services performed during an work order. Praxedo communicates with SumUp to integrate payment information into the work order report. To use this functionality, the mobile payment field must be set up and you require a SumUp account and a SumUp payment terminal. Read more

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