Praxedo Premium

This page describes features accessed with a Premium account. See an overview of the functionalities Premium subscription features on the Praxedo website.

Equipment management and scheduling

In Praxedo, equipment is a schedulable resource that you can track, just like a field resource. This allows you to track equipment and manage their use rate. Read more

SmartScheduler module

This time-saving tool allows the scheduler to create optimized rounds in just a few clicks. From a list of previously defined work orders and technicians, the SmartScheduler uses the technician’s departure address and the geolocalized position of work orders to calculate travel time and propose an optimized route. Different criteria and options allow you to configure the SmartScheduler according to your needs, such as the technician’s availability, appointment requirements, and re-booking already scheduled work orders. Read more

Advanced Scheduling module

During the scheduling phase, you can access the advanced scheduling module which allows you to schedule a work order according to criteria, such as customer availability, technician availability, and technician qualifications or travel time. Read more

Customer portal

With the Customer portal user module, you can configure a final customer portal or extranet. This portal provides ordering customers with access to information about their work orders. This allows the customer portal user to track work order progress and create work order requests. Read more

Analytics module: monitor business indicators

The Analytics module allows for monitoring and analysis of business indicators over time and in real time. You define the time period and choose the filters and axes of analysis that are most relevant to your interests. Read more

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