Remote Rollout - ViiBE

The schedule for your ViiBE remote training and support is detailed below.

The keys for a successful rollout

A Project Manager will support you through every step of the implementation of ViiBE. He or she will perform the initial configuration and train you so that you can use ViiBE daily and are able to adjust your account settings independently.

It is essential that you stick to the schedule defined with your Project Manager. Your assiduity and commitment throughout the rollout will ensure that the project runs smoothly and that you get the most out of ViiBE.

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Remote rollout planning

Project launch and schedule setting

Kick-off : 

Before the rollout of ViiBE begins, your sales representative will organize a video conference to introduce you to your Project Manager and schedule with you the project’s implementation and its key stages.

During this meeting, your Project Manager will also outline the IT requirements necessary to launch the project. These prerequisites are documented and will need to be implemented by one of your team members before the next meeting with your Project Manager.

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Week 1

Session 1 - 1h video conference

A workshop dedicated to analyzing your needs and understanding your internal processes. This workshop will focus primarily on your specific use cases and your expectations of ViiBE.

The workshop lasts 1 hour and takes place via video conference with the project's internal coordinator and the manager of the relevant activity. At the end of this session, your Project Manager will configure your ViiBE account to make it fully operational.

Week 2

Session 2 - 1h30 video conference

A training session during which your Project Manager will introduce you to your configured account and explain how to manage your work orders/calls. This session lasts 1.5 hours and is held by video conference.

After this session, you will be asked to create and run tests to put into practice what you have covered during the session, familiarize yourself with ViiBE and identify any configuration adjustments that need to be made.

Week 4

Session 3 - 1h30 video conference

Software onboarding training for you and your team:

Following your first tests, your Project Manager will answer any questions you may have, and together you will make the necessary configuration adjustments to get your account up and running by the end of this session.  You will also be introduced to more advanced functionalities, based on the needs identified during Session 1. 

At the end of this session, you will use ViiBE by integrating part of your team into real-life work orders and applications.

The purpose of Session 3 is to roll out ViiBE to your teams. 

Week 6

Session 4 - 1h video conference

The objective of this session is to review the first two weeks of ViiBE use and experience, finalize the configuration, and introduce ViiBE's advanced features. At this stage, you are fully autonomous and can make the most of your account, using it with your whole team on a daily basis.

Week 8

Session 5 - Review - 30 min video conference

This review meeting aims to assess how well users have adopted ViiBE before completing the project.

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