Remote roll out

In order for us at Praxedo to better understand your needs and plan your remote roll out efficiently, we ask you to fill out the form “Projet launch” sent by Praxedo. Your roll out calendar is described in further details below.

Remote roll out calendar

Week 1

Day 1

This first workshop is dedicated to the assessment of your needs and understanding of your internal processes. After this workshop, your Praxedo Customer Success Manager (CSM) is able to define the best setup to configure in your account.

This workshop lasts 1.5 hours and requires the participation of your internal project sponsor and operations manager.

After the session, the CSM will configure the account on his own for 4 hours.  

Day 2

During the second 1.5 hours workshop, the CSM presents your configured Praxedo account and show you how to manage work orders.

Day 3

This 1 hour meeting consists in training you and your team on Praxedo. After this session, you will be able to use the web and mobile apps to manage your daily activity.

Week 2

Date to be determined

This 1 hour meeting allows to gather your feedback on the first week of using Praxedo. Your observations will give us insight on how to adjust the configuration and choose the advanced features that will improve your user experience. At this stage you should be entirely autonomous and capable to use Praxedo to its best extent.

Week 4

Date to be determined

This 1 hour meeting allows to evaluate the first weeks of using Praxedo and improve your user experience with our tips and recommendations.

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