Remote rollout - Refrigeration specialists package

In order to better understand your processes and prepare the remote rollout, you first need to answer a questionnaire sent by Praxedo. The schedule of your remote rollout is detailed below.

Remote rollout schedule


Phone call to introduce your Customer Onboarding Specialist, generally in duo with your sales, to schedule the project and its main steps.

Week 1

Session 1

Workshop to analyze your needs and understand your internal processes. At the end of this session, your Praxedo Customer Onboarding Specialist is able to explain what the settings of your account will be.

The workshop lasts 1h30 and involves your internal supervisor of the project and the manager of the target activity. Your Customer Onboarding Specialist then works 4h on the setup of your account.

Week 2

Session 2

Workshop in order to introduce your account, with a setup based on the refrigeration model, and explain how to manage your work orders. The meeting lasts 1h30 in video conference.


After this session, your Customer Onboarding Specialist will give you practical work to get familiar with your account and test its settings (customization of the settings, of the CERFA...).

Week 3

Session 3

Training to let you and your team get familiar with the application. At the end of this session, you can start working with the application. The training lasts 1h in video conference.

Week 4

Session 4

Meeting to get your feedbacks on this first week of use, to adjust the settings and show you advanced features of Praxedo. At this stage, you are fully autonomous with your Praxedo account. The meeting lasts 1h in video conference.

From week 6 and more

Day to be defined

Assessment meeting to check that your users take in charge properly the application and enhance your navigation with some tips. The meeting lasts 1h in video conference.

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